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Anja Kroodsma, founder of Jilster: "When my mother turned 75, my brothers and I created a special magazine for her, called the NEL. Later on we made a personal magazine for aunt Anneke, the ANNEKE. They were both extremely pleased to receive such a special and unique gift.

But what a lot of work! Collecting all the bits and pieces from all the contributors, scanning them, designing the pages, cutting and pasting. Trying to send very large files by e-mail. Why was there no handy Internet application with which you could create a magazine together with others? This was the idea that started Jilster."

Since the site has gone online in February 2010, lots of things have changed! You can read about the new developments of the previous months in the 'Jilster news'.

Of course we are interested in your experiences, tips, and ideas. Let us know! Your questions and comments will help us improve the application.

Contact Anja Kroodsma via the contact form.