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Anja KroodsmaAnja Kroodsma
Founder and owner

"When my mother celebrated her 75th birthday, my brothers and I made her a magazine. It was called NEL. Aftwards we made a personalized magazine for our aunt Anneke. Both of them were extremely happy with their special and unique gifts. But it was so much work! Gathering everyone’s photos and texts, scanning them into a computer, formatting the pages, cutting and pasting and sending large files to each other. Why isn’t there an online platform that people can use to make a magazine together? That’s the thought that gave birth to Jilster.”


Rob FransenRob Fransen
Operations & customer service

“What I think makes Jilster special, is the fact that you can use an online tool to create something together, and that that same online product turns into a physical magazine that gets delivered right to your doorstep. You can give someone so much joy by giving them their very own magazine as a gift, for example, for a special occasion. Great customer service is extremely important for an online product. It’s something people will talk about.”


Pamela PieterszPamela Pietersz
Marketing & communication

"I'm passionate about writing and creativity. That's why I love my job at Jilster. I write all the content for jilster.com as well as manage Jilster's social media. I get to be part of an amazing team of people that is trying to make the world a better place, one magazine at a time. No matter where in the world our customers are, they can use Jilster to collaborate, communicate and get creative."



Rowena WijnandsRowena Wijnands
Graphic design

"Receiving a gift is always a treat, but it's always nicer if someone adds a personal touch. Which is exactly what Jilster offers. The online editor makes creating your own magazine a breeze. Unleash your creativity and make something truly unique, or invite friends, family and colleagues to create a magazine together!
What I love about Jilster? You can create an incredibly personal and physical product by yourself or together with others, that will surely be treasured for many years to come. And let's be honest, isn't giving a handwritten card so much nicer than a Facebook message?

Alea Sophie Küppers
Marketing & communication

"Special about Jilster is that it brings people closer and it doesn’t matter where they live. I’m from Germany but I live in the Netherlands. Part of my family lives in Spain and Austria and I have friends in Italy, Sweden and the US. Organizing a cool present can be really tough! But Jilster makes it a lot easier. I want people in all countries to get to know and use Jilster and that’s what I work on. And by doing this I make the world a little smaller.”


Katia Simon
Marketing & communication

"Creativity comes from the heart and connects people to each other. That’s why homemade gifts are the most meaningful and personal. Jilster offers everyone the chance to make a magazine with their family and friends. I think that’s awesome! I love telling stories, that’s why I made it my career. I do all the writing for the Jilster site, from webcontent to newsletters and social media updates.”