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Co-create and Publish a Company Magazine. Looking for a new and innovative way to market your business or communicate your business operations to the public? Use the Jilster editor to create a company magazine. 

Company Magazine

More and more start-ups and medium sized companies, organizations, associations, foundations and freelancers are using Jilster to make a company magazine, promotional folder or catalogue. What makes Jilster so interesting for companies?

  1. Freedom of design gives you more control over what you publish.
  2. It's incredibly easy to edit and update your work, which means staying on top of the latest developments is easy too! 
  3. Your online magazine is free and share-able via social media or other channels.
  4. You can make small orders, which lowers costs.
  5. Great deals for large orders.

* Use the price calculator to calculate the price of orders for up to 500. For larger orders please contact us!

Make A Company Magazine

More great Coprorate Solutions from Jilster:

Publishing Service

with a fixed price per magazine

If you want to sell your magazine you can do that with our Publishing Service. This service allows you to set up a contract with us that specifies a fixed price per magazine based on how many magazines are expected to sell. Your readers will then be able to order your magazine via the online magazine page and we will handle the transaction, printing and shipping. At the end of the agreed upon period, the fixed amount is subtracted from the total and you keep the profits.

Advantages of the Publishing Service:

  • On demand printing of your magazine (No stock or inventory needed)
  • We'll take care of the transactions
  • We'll take care of printing and shipping
  • We'll take care of customer questions about delivery

Please E-Mail us if you'd like to know more about our Publishing Service.

Stapled Magazine with Glossy Cover

For the Design of your Magazine you can choose between a stapled magazine or a Glossy Magazine with adhesive binding. To give a stapled company magazine a more luxurious feel it's possible to add a glossy cover for small fee.
Because of the extra cost increase for producing these special magazines, this option is especially interresting starting from orders of 150 copies. Would you like to know more?  

Worldwide Shipping

We can also ship your company brochures or company magazines worldwide. Contact us to find out more! We want to help any way we can!

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Make a Company Magazine

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