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Christmas traditions around the world

Posted on 23 December 2014 in the category News.

Since we have members from all over the world we like finding out how they all celebrate Holidays. Join us as we take a look at how our members celebrate Christmas!

United States of America

As with many other countries, food is an important part of Christmas in the United States of America. They enjoy having grand meals with many dishes, the most important of which is a whole stuffed turkey. Though less popular, cranberry sauce is also an important staple in the Christmas meal.

Christmas decorations are also important. Often, trees are decorated with popcorn threaded on strings. Decorating the house is also popular. Christmas lights and figurines of Santa Claus, elves and reign deer are often put on rooftops or on front lawns.

One of the most iconic street light decorations is the one at the Rockerfeller Center in New York. It boasts a big Christmas tree and a public ice skating rink that is known all over the world.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands families often gourmet on Christmas. This involves small pots and pans where everyone can grill their own meat and vegetables as they sit together at a big table.

Sinterklaas is also a tradition in December. Often confused with Santa Clause, Sinterklaas arrives on a steamboat from Spain around the end of November. On the 5th of December kids put their shoes in front of the fire and receive gifts from Sinterklaas the next morning.

Surprise presents are also a tradition on the Netherlands. It’s a custom where everyone’s name is put into a hat and everyone takes out a name. They then get a small gift for this person and write a poem to go along with the surprise gift.


Christmas is Germany is a grand affair. Germans love Christmas. Popular foods at the Christmas table are Carp, Goose and Stollen, a fruit cake made with dried fruit and marzipan and covered in sugar. During Christmas the cake is called Weihnachtstollen.

Christmas markets are also an important part of German Christmas. These markets are often decorated beautifully and have little stands decorated as houses. Items like yarn, hats, woodworking, sausages and potato cakes are sold there. Another big part of the Christmas markets is glühwein, a sweet wine that is served in custom made mugs that can be carried around on the Christmas markets. If your glühwein runs out, you can simply refill it at the next gluühwein stand.

Advent calendars are also very popular. These calendars run from the 1st of December to the 25th and often contain a little piece of chocolate for every day on the calendar.

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