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Gift Idea for Coworkers

Co-create and Publish a Magazine for a Coworker. Looking for an appropriate gift for a retiring coworker? This personalised gift is sure to amaze and will be enjoyed for many years to come. 


Gift Idea for a Coworker

If a coworker is retiring, leaving the company or celebrating an anniversary, a magazine is the perfect gift to show them how much they've meant to the company and their colleagues. Putting them on the cover of their very own magazine is a great way to make them feel special during this milestone event. 

Invite Friends

Invite other coworkers, friends and family to help co-edit the magazine. Simply assign one page (or more) to each of the co-editors and watch as the magazine comes to life witj photos, texts, memories and personal wishes from each of the contributing members. The more the merrier; it's a team collaboration! 

Personalise it!

The Jilster editing room allows you to upload your own photos and texts and has all the editing tools you need to design your magazine exactly the way you want. That means you can make a magazine that is suited exactly to the style and preferences of the coworker you want to give it to! You can start with blank pages or use the free templates in the editor to get you started. You're free to use the entire template or pick and choose what parts you'd want in your magazine; it's entirely up to you!

Showcase their Career 

A personalised magazine is capable of doing much more than a regular gift could. It contains personal wishes from coworkers, friends and family, as well as photos. It allows you to create a gift that can honour, amaze and surprise someone, and it is timeless. It is truly the perfect gift to showcase a coworkers career and putting them in the spotlight in a way that they will never forget. 

Make A Magazine for A Coworker

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