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"We felt that Jilster offered the best solution for us."

Posted on 04 February 2014 in the category Customer stories.

It turns out Jilster is a good way to market your products, on- and offline! We contacted Tucker & Bojest to ask them a few questions about their experience with Jilster.

How did you find out about Jilster?

"A simple google search, looking for companies offering online magazine design. After a little research and reading feedback, and a couple of articles, we felt that Jilster offered the best solution for us. We didn’t want to spend hours creating a magazine, but at the same time wanted to produce something that looked professional and really had a wow factor. And of course we had the option of having it printed too."

What is the magazine for?

"The magazine will be used to promote the business, create brand awareness as well as being sent worldwide to existing and potential stockists or clients. We also have an online copy of it on our LOOKBOOK page on our website, which helps our customers to relate to our products in a new and interactive way, keeping them on our website for longer and creating more potential sales."

What were the reactions of others to your magazine?

"We have had such a positive response! The quality of paper and printing is unquestionable and the glossy finish magazine certainly gives our brand and products the luxury hi-end feel we wanted."

Do you have any tips you'd like to share with our other users?

"Hi -resolution images are an absolute must! And whereever possible, professional ones are preferable."

Will you continue to use Jilster in the future, and why?

"With so many new businesses starting up, having a marketing tool that will help existing and potential customers to keep your brand alive in their mind is essential. So we plan to continually add to and update the existing one whenever we need. This is ideal for us, as we have a business that is constantly moving forward and adding new designs. We have to have marketing tools that can be very flexible and move at the pace of our business."

We'd like to thank Tucker & Bojest for taking the time to answer our questions and for using Jilster.