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“I liked the idea and I immediately started my own Jilster magazine.”

Posted on 07 April 2014 in the category Customer stories.

Noureddine teaches English in Morocco. When he found out about Jilster, he decided to use it in the classroom to help educate children and inspire them to practice their English writing skills.

Sometimes we come across special magazines that we’d like to know more about. One such magazine is this one. It’s an English writing magazine with wonderful stories written on each page. With our curiosity peaked, we decided to contact the owner and ask him what it was all about.

Getting started

Noureddine: “I found out about Jilster through a Facebook friend of mine who is also in the field of education – a supervisor. The students in the program he supervises made a magazine about the importance of the environment: I liked the idea and I immediately started my own Jilster magazine.”

A lot of positive attention

He goes on to say that there were many positive reactions to the magazine. “As soon as I posted it on the social media, people began ‘like’ing it, commenting it, and sharing and resharing it (Facebook and Twitter). I also received text messages and words of encouragement from friends and colleagues. Some people wanted to learn how to do a Jilster magazine themselves, others just asked for more similar projects.”


“As I tell friends and colleagues, Jilster is user-friendly and does not need any special skills. However, like any successful project, it needs some pre-planning before starting it.”

This is just the start

“My first magazine is just a start because I am intending to do a lesson about it to my students and then assign projects in Jilster because it’s easy to use, it’s simple and the pages come out colorful and attractive. I will hopefully do a lesson about Jilster to teachers in my town as well if time allows.”

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