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How to make a magazine for a school project

Co-create and Publish a School Project Magazine. Invite friends and collaborate in real-time to create your own school project magazine with the Jilster editor. It's an innovative, fun and creative educational tool. 

School project magazine

Looking for a good school project idea? Jilster is an online magazine making tool that allows anyone to collaborate to create their very own magazine, online or printed in high quality. It goes without saying that this makes Jilster a great educational tool. Students and teachers can collaborate in real time and create magazines for any occasion and for multiple purposes.

Jilster how to make a magazine for a school project

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A Jilster account is always free. Use of the editor, the online magazine and all the templates and images in the editor are also free.

magazine print options how to make a magazine for a school project.pngWe have several magazine print options available. The price of a magazine depends on the print option you choose and the number of pages (starting from 4 up to 120 pages) your magazine has. It's possible to order a (low quality) PDF of your magazine and a (high quality) PDF of your magazine cover. More information on pricing, including a price calculator can be found on our pricing page.

We ship internationally. Use the delivery calculator to find out when you need to order your magazine in order to receive it on time. If your country isn't listed, please e-mail us so we can add it to the list.

School magazine ideas and inspiration

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how to make a magazine for a school project 1Make a yearbook magazine

Students often fondly reminisce about previous school years through yearbooks. Jilster enhances this experience by turning the usual yearbook into a wonderful magazine! Every student and teacher can edit and fill their own page and thus contribute to the final magazine with their own creative ideas, images and words.

One such yearbook was created by Lisa. She created a magazine for her entire class of Fast Track Students at the Hotelschool in The Hague, The Netherlands. Lisa: “The yearbooks arrived the day of the goodbye-party and the reactions were wonderful. They loved it: the content, the layout, the feeling, the quality of the pictures. If I have a similar project, I would definitely take Jilster into consideration. The product looked wonderful!”

how to make a magazine for a school project 2Student guide magazine

The first year is always the most important for a student. Making new friends, figuring out where classes are, how to buy school materials and learning how everything is done can be quite overwhelming. Make it a bit easier on them by providing a magazine will helpful tips and how-to’s. The ‘First Year Magazine’ can include everything from holiday schedules and exam dates, to school maps and course requirements.

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Magazine project and learning tool

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Get students excited about their school projects by having them work together with their classmates on their own project magazine! With our unique online platform kids can get creative with their projects. They can add their own images, backgrounds, text and let their imaginations run wild.

With Jilster, students can collaborate on their own school project ideas, or use it as a tool to create assignments given to them by the teacher or lecturer. As a lecturer you can prepare assignments or projects in a magazine and have these printed and worked on during class or online.

Another big plus is the ability to collaborate real-time in Jilster’s online editing room. The days that one student ends up doing most of the work are history. Every student gets their own pages to edit and in the end the students get a beautiful result they can be proud of; their very own magazine with their very own content.

One great example of this is an English writing magazine by Noureddine and his students. When he found out about Jilster, he decided to use it in the classroom to help educate children and inspire them to practice their English writing skills.


how to make a magazine for a school project 4

A Magazine can also make for a great graduation gift to student(s). Suitable for individual students or for an entire class.It could include images of all the years the student(s) have spent at the school, special activities, events, photos of the graduation day and helpful tips and stories for future plans. Tips on what companies to work for, where to land internships, or what college to attend, depending on where they are graduating from. It’s a wonderful milestone to memorialize in a magazine.

Bella Nova Studio has a wonderful example of just such a magazine. 

School Magazine

School newspapers are a big part of every student’s school life, and Jilster aims to enhance this experience even further. How about a School Magazine? Editors can all collaborate real time which makes the process of making it a bit easier, and let’s face it, what student wouldn’t love to be on the cover of a School Magazine? They’d be the celebrity of the month!

Special Occasions

Magazines can also be made for special events or occasions. Christmas holidays, thanksgiving, prom, sport events and spring flings are all great events to make a magazine for! They are often events that generate a lot of photographs and many students will want a copy of their own to remember the great time they had!

Promotional Material

A promotional magazine could do wonders for your school. Instead of the standard fliers, hand out magazines that include an introduction to the school, it’s history, facilities, courses and so much more! Introduce potential students to your school the right way, with a magazine!

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