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What do I need to watch out for regarding the various file formats?

Text can best be copied and pasted into the Jilster editor, for best quality. Otherwise there is a risk that the text will appear grainy and be illegible.

Images and photos can best be uploaded in jpg/jpeg.

Please note: If you format the text and photos in (for example) Word  first, and then save the file as a PDF file, this will result in great loss of quality.

A drawing or a letter that has been scanned into the computer can best be uploaded as jpg/jpeg.

If you have PDF files, you can upload these to your pages as well. However, make sure there is enough of a margin around the edges (text needs to be inside the inner dotted line). So for a PDF we recommend keeping in mind that aprox. 4 mm will be cut off the page.

It isn't possible to upload a powerpoint file directly. However, you can upload a powerpoint file by converting it to a jpg/jpeg file first.

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