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Editing a page

1. Select a page and click on 'Edit'| 2. You can edit a page any way you want |Use your own text, images, templates and PDF files 3. Use 'Aa' to place text on the page |Double click or drag onto the page 4. The dotted lines are an important guide |For more information see 'Important features to note' 5. Place text inside the inner dotted lines |Work with a margin for a nice-looking effect 6. Upload and place your own photos and images |Check the quality with the help of the yellow stars 7. Or use images available in the editor |You can choose from various themes 8. Add color blocks in different shapes |You can change the color and the size 9. Upload your own PDF files and place them as a background|Note the dotted lines, around 4 mm around will be cut off 10. Use pre-made templates |Different themes are available in the editor 11. Choose a page from the template |Add this to your page and edit it to your liking

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