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Magazine settings

1. You can easily update the settings of your magazine | 2. You can always add more pages |The pages will be added to the end of your magazine 3. You can always delete pages|The last 4 pages will be deleted (this is permanent) 4. You can always change the page order |This is helpful when adding or removing pages 5. Drag the pages to move them |Drag pages you want to delete to the bottom 6. Go to the settings of your magazine |This is where you'll find more magazine options 7. Update the title, page numbers and more|The delivery date and deadline are helpful guides 8. Add page numbers to your magazine |Visible in the right and left bottom corners 9. The latest order date can be seen in your page overview|Ordering sooner rather than later prevents delays 10. You can delete your magazine in the magazine overview |Or sign out of a magazine you've been invited to 11. You can save your magazine up to a year in the future |This can be updated at any time