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Page order and pagenumbers

Where is page 2 positioned in a magazine?

Page 2 is the inside of the front page (cover page). Therefore, pages 2 and 3 are the pages you see when you open the magazine.

  • You will find the even page numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) on the left-hand pages.
  • You will find the odd page numbers (3, 5, 7, 9, etc.) on the right-hand pages.
  • The cover is page 1. The back cover is the last page of your magazine. Remember, these pages are included in the minimum or maximum page count!

Can I set automatic page numbering?

Yes, you can set automatic page numbering. Numbers can be printed on the outside bottom corner of a magazine.

To turn on automatic page numbering, navigate to the settings of your magazine and check the 'add page numbers?' box.

The magazine will now be printed with page numbers.

Please note: for technical reasons, page numbers are not visible while editing the page or while viewing page previews.

The color of the page numbers cannot be edited. If you would like to be able to edit the color, send us an e-mail with your request at customerservice@jilster.com. We'll know there is a need for this feature and look into adding it in the future.

Can I change the number of pages later on?

Yes, you can change the number of pages later on.

You edit the number of pages by using the 'Add 4 pages' and ' Delete last 4 pages' buttons.

New pages are added to the bottom of the page. In order to delete a page in the middle of your magazine, you can edit the page order with the 'Change page order' button, move the pages you want to delete to the bottom of the magazine and then delete the last 4 pages.

Pages are always added and deleted in groups of 4. This cannot be changed due to the printing process of the magazine(s).

Can I change the order of the pages?

Yes, the order of the pages can be changed by clicking on 'Change page order' in the upper left corner of the page overview.

In the new window that opens, you can drag pages into the positions you want.

Please note: Moving pages to different places in the magazine will cause the surrounding pages to move also. We recommend moving two pages at a time to prevent the pages becoming disorganized.

How do I delete a page?

You can delete a page by using the 'Delete last 4 pages' button. This will delete the last 4 pages in the magazine. It is only possible to delete 4 pages at a time due to the printing process.

To delete a page, move it to the end of the magazine by using the 'Change page order' button. Drag the page to the bottom of the list and click 'save'. Now you can delete the last 4 pages of the magazine.

Caution: Deleted pages cannot be restored.

How do I move a page to the cover or back cover?

To move a 'regular' page to the cover or back cover page, use the 'My pages' button.

Navigate to the editing room of the cover or back cover.
Press the 'My pages' button.
Select the page you want to use as the cover or back cover and click on 'Use this page'.