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Text format

What font size is pleasant to read?

There is a difference between print legibility and digital legibility. Below are some general recommendations we have for legible print text. However, keep in mind that for some fonts, different sizes will apply.

Commonly used fonts for print magazines are:

  • general text: font size 9-10
  • subtitles: font size 12
  • titles or headers: font size 18- 24

Just to be safe, you can print your page first, and check whether the font size you have chosen is legible.

How to print a preview page:

  • Go to your magazine
  • Hover over the page you want to print and click on 'download'
  • Click on 'Download print preview'
  • A new page opens with a print preview of the page
  • Save or print this page

Can I copy and paste text into Jilster?

Yes you can.

Simply copy the text from word (or any other program) using ctrl + v and ctrl + c (or command + c and command + v on Apple computers).

You can also copy and paste by highlighting the text you want to copy and then clicking the right mouse button. Select copy, and then switch to Jilster, click into a text block (you may have to place one on the page first) and then click the right mouse button again an hit paste.

Having trouble copying from Word?

If you're haivng trouble copying and pasting text directly from word, try pasting the text into a simple text editing program like notepad (windows) or textedit (Apple) first. Copy this text again and try pasting it into Jilster. This should solve the problem.

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