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Color blocks and color tools

Can I choose a matching color from a photo?

Yes, you can choose a matching color from a photo by using the eyedropper tool in the right-hand menu.

The eyedropper tool is visible when an image is selected on the page.

To choose a matching color from a photo or image, click the eyedropper tool, hover over the color you want to match, and click on it. The color you have matched can be seen in the box at the right of the eyedropper tool.


Smaller amounts of copies will be printed on a printer.

If a CMYK image is uploaded, our system will convert this image to RGB color code. This may result in some minor color differences.

It is recommended to upload RGB images.

How do I combine a color block and a text block?

  1. Click 'color block' and drag it to your page.
  2. Do the same thing for 'text block' and position this block over the color block.
  3. With the 'go forward' and 'go back' buttons in the right-hand column, you can move one of the blocks backwards or bring it to the front.
  4. Attention: sometimes, the text block or color block will disappear beneath the other block. The other block will be 'hidden'. By moving the upper block a bit, you will display the other block again. Then you can select this block for further editing.
  5. Use the 'delete' button to remove the text or color block. You can do this by selecting the element you want to delete, and then clicking 'delete'.

How do I edit a color block?

With a color block selected, you can see various formatting options on the right.

These options allow you to change the color, or make the color block transparent (slide the triangle under 'transparency').

Example: you can fill the color block with the same color as the sweater your grandfather is wearing, on the photo you have inserted below the color block. You can do this by selecting the color block you want to edit; next you click the icon with the pencil (eyedropper tool) in the right-hand column, and then you click your grandfather's sweater. Your color block will take on the same color as the sweater.