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Saving and publishing

How do I publish a page?

Click 'edit' on the page you want to publish. Then, click on the 'Publish' button in the bottom right corner of the page editor.

A progress bar will appear. Once this bar reaches 100%, publishing of your page will be completed.

Tip: check if your page has been published correctly by making sure there is a green check mark in the top right corner of the page in the overview of all your magazine pages.

Tip: Multiple pages can be published at the same time, depending on your internet connection.

What is the difference between 'save' and 'publish'?

As long as the page is still being edited, you can save the work in the meantime. Select the 'save' button to do this. Save the most recent edits as well. When you have completely finished your page, you can publish it.

Before you can order the magazine, you will need to have published all the pages.

After a page has been published, a green checkmark will be displayed at the top right corner of the page.

How long does it take to publish a page?

Publishing speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection. It takes a few minutes per page before all the data has been sent to the server.

Tip: Divide the publishing work. Ask your co-chief editors if they can publish some of the pages on their own computers.

It's also possible to publish multiple pages at a time. Simply open a few pages by clicking on 'edit' on the page, and then hit the publish button on each of the pages so they are published at the same time.

Tip: We recommend publishing pages as you're working on your magazine to minimize publishing time at the end. This prevents missing an ordering deadline due to waiting for pages to publish.

Can I still edit the page after I have published it?

Yes, as editor-in-chief you can always edit any page, whether it is published or not. After you have edited a page, you will need to publish it again.

As an editor you cannot edit a page once you've handed it in to the editor-in-cief.

However, you can request to be re-assigned to the page by the editor-in-chief of the magazine in order to edit a published page.