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Dotted lines

The dotted lines serve as important guidelines for text and images in your printed magazine.

The outer dotted line is the cutline. The inner dotted line ensures your text will be clearly visible.

For full-page images: place the image outside the outer dotted line. Placing the image exactly on, or inside the outer dotted line may result in a white border.

Please note: when working with PDF files always make sure the text is inside the inner dotted line.

1. Pages have two dotted lines along the border |An inner dotted line and an outer dotted line 2. The outer dotted line is the cutline |This is where the pages are trimmed to A4 size 3. Anything inside the inner dotted line is clearly visible|In the printed version of the magazine 4. Place your text inside the inner dotted line |To prevent the text from being illegible 5. You can place images inside the inner dotted line |This will create a white border in the printed version 6. Full-page image: place image beyond the outer dotted line|Prevent white borders: don't place image on dotted line 7. Don't place an image exactly on the outer dotted line|This will create white borders in printed version