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Help your students complete their school magazine

Posted on 05 January 2016 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Help your students develop their full potential by having them create school magazines about their favorite topics. Read on for tips on helping your students complete their magazine.

This is part 4 of a 4 part series that we've published to help teachers use Jilster with their students.

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Part 2. Help your students get started on a school magazine
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Handing in Pages

If you’ve invited students to a magazine and assigned them one or more pages, they can complete their assignment by handing in the pages. This works similarly to publishing pages. The only difference is, when students hand in assigned pages, they can no longer edit them unless you re-assign the page to them.

Tip: Make sure students know to check their work thoroughly before handing their pages in, so you don’t have to re-assign them.

More information on being chief-editor of a magazine

Publishing Pages

If your students are making their own magazine, they can publish pages normally. They can also edit these pages at any time and re-publish them to update the magazine.

Checking your students’ work

You can check your students’ work easily if you’ve invited them to a magazine. As chief-editor you can edit and view all the pages in the magazine.

However, if your students are making their own magazine, ask them to make you co-chief editor (if you aren’t chief editor) so you can check their work.

You can also use the view magazine button to view the magazine in it’s entirety in a separate window. This allows you to digitally ‘leaf’ through the pages of the magazine.

Dotted line placement

As you’re checking your students’ work, make sure all important elements on the page are inside the outer dotted lines. Anything outside these lines will be cut off during the magazine printing and binding process.

More information on dotted lines

Sample magazine

Before you order the final magazines, you can order sample magazines at a reduced price, to check the magazines in print one last time.

Share magazines online

Students can create a free promo page for each magazine too. This allows students to share the digital version of their magazine on social media, and with friends and family members.

More information on sharing a magazine online

Get started on your magazine

We’re working on another 4 part series with tips specifically for students. If you’re a teacher or a parent, and you’d like to contribute to the series with your own tips, or have questions about how to use Jilster, send us an e-mail at or use our contact form. We want to know how we can improve our service to help our users get the most out of Jilster.

The school magazine(s) can be ordered as high quality prints or as web (low) quality digital PDF files.