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How to edit images in the online editor

Posted on 16 April 2015 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Anyone can easily make a beautiful magazine with Jilster’s online editor. Use these tips for inspiration for a brand new magazine or for the magazine you’re working on.

The basics

We’ll show you the basics, like adding images to a new, blank page, but we’ve also got some new tricks you can use to make your magazine look perfect for any occassion.

In the online editor, add images by clicking on the ‘upload’ button on the left, under the ‘magazine’ tab. You can upload multiple images at a time. Once your image has been uploaded, simply double-click or drag the image to get it onto the page.

You can move the image around by clicking (and holding) and then dragging the image around on the page. Resize the image by clicking and dragging the little blue squares on the corners of the image.

Image quality

Click on the image (if it not already selected) for a whole new set of options. These will appear on the right in the online editor.

Check the quality of the image on the top right by using the star rating. We recommend using images that have at least 3 or 4 stars. That means the quality of the image is  good. If the image only gets 1 or 2 stars, be aware that once the magazine is printed, the images may not look as high quality as you wish.

Improve image quality

Resizing the image can help increase the quality. An image that has 1 or 2 images when it’s full page, may become a 3 or 4 star image if you make it smaller.

Transparency, border, moving and resizing

You can make an image transparent by using the ‘transparancy slider’ directly below the star rating for images.

You can add a border to images by checking the ‘Border’ checkbox. This will make a border appear around your image. You can icrease the width of the border and change the color in the options directly below the ‘border’ check box.

With the X and Y numbers you can reposition the image according to it’s position on the page. This option is very useful for detailed positioning.

The Height and Width options allow you to resize the image as well.

Be aware that if you change the Height and Width of the image with this option, the other sides will not scale along, so you may end up with a lopsided image. You can always undo your last edit by clicking on the ‘Undo’ button at the top left of the online editor.

Backward, forward, duplicate

If you want to place an image in front of, or behind another object (text, image, symbol) you can do so by using the ‘move forward’ and ‘move backward’ buttons. You can also easily duplicate an image, including all it’s formatting and it’s design by using the ‘duplicate’ button.

Have fun making your magazine and exploring all the things the online editor has to offer!

See it in your own magazine!