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How to Write a Feature Story

Posted on 09 October 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

A feature story is a popular element in many magazines. The goal is to give an in-dept look at a certain subject. The subject can be a person, place or event, and the writing is well-researched, descriptive, colorful and thoughtful.

Since our members (you!) often make magazines for specific subjects, we’d like to help out by providing a simple and helpful guide on how to write a feature story for your own magazine.

1. Purpose

The purpose of your magazine will decide what it will be about. Are you making a magazine for someone celebrating a birthday, for a couple getting married, for a soon-to-be mom or for a retiring colleague?

2. Research

Find out what you can about the person, place or event you are making a magazine for. If it’s for a retiring colleague, writing about former employers or past team building events would make a good story. For a couple getting married or celebrating an anniversary, consider writing about the venue they’ve chosen for the wedding, or past homes they have shared together. The research you do is crucial because this will give you the information you need later on when you’re writing the story.

3. Writing the story

A feature article should consist of an introduction, a middle, and a conclusion. The introduction should grab the readers attention, and for our particular magazines we recommend keeping it personal. Write down a memory or a feeling and continue from there.

The middle should be descriptive. Use the information you gathered during research and as many details as you can to describe the person, place or event in the context of your magazine.

The conclusion should leave a lasting impression. Depending on the subject of your magazine you can use this part of the feature story to write a personal wish.

4. Tools

Add some other elements to your story to keep it light and readable. These tools are great for getting the reader's attention, as well as highlight certain parts of your story.


Always a good way to get a point across beautifully and easy to find on the internet. Make sure you attribute your quote to the right person though! You can also quote the person you’re making the magazine for. Quotes can be added as large streamer across the page, this creates a wonderful visual effect.


These are great for bringing back memories. Remind your subject of some special or funny memory they thought they had forgotten and make them smile! Place an anecdote in a seperate tekstblock on the page. This creates a fun layout and places the anecdote in the spotlight!

Background information

This is always useful for further explanation and for filling pages with text. Some good background information gives a feature story more depth. You can put background information in it’s own tekstblock to add to the layout of the page or add it as the basis for your feature story.

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