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How to make a great Cover

Posted on 23 December 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

The most important part of the magazine is the cover. But how do you make your own cover look just like the one in your favorite magazine? The Jilster crew has got you covered with these 6 tips!

1. Think of a great cover title

The title of your magazine should carry weight and explain what the magazine is about. We recommend using a strong, thick font that will stand out and grab the reader’s attention.

If the title contains more than one word, you can experiment with different fonts and sizes. You’d be surprised how well certain fonts work together and how creative your title will look!

2. Pick an attention-grabbing image

A good cover is 70% image and 30% text. So it’s important that the image you use for your cover is large enough to be re-sized to fit the cover entirely. It’s also important that it stands out; you need and eye-catching image.

Pick an image that is focusing on one thing, instead of a jumble of things. This way it’s easier for the reader to figure out the context and get a feel for the theme of your magazine.

Don’t use images that are too busy or contain too many subjects, this can be confusing and takes away the focus of the reader.

3. Teasers

Fill your cover with teasers. Teasers are small bits of text that hint at what is in the magazine. Basically you just have to avoid being too literal. Pick items you’ve got in your magazine that are sure to interest the reader and think of ways to spark their curiosity.

4. Play with the typography

You could always use the same font, color and size for all the text on your cover, but that would be a bit boring, not to mention a waste of all the great editing features available in the online editor.

So, experiment with different fonts, colors and sizes. A good rule of thumb is to find a good font, color and size for headliners and then a different font and smaller size for the text under them. Make sure there’s a good contrast between your text and the background image too, it has to be legible!

Here’s an example:

5. Visuals

Simple and small illustrations can enhance the cohesiveness of your cover or strengthen the effect of a teaser a lot - without making the whole cover too busy. Add one or two small icons like arrows, stars or a circle. Or, like the example below, a few licks of paint behind a teaser. This brings more life to your cover.

6. Look at magazine covers in stores and be inspired!

These tips will guarantee your cover will turn out awesome! Have fun!

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