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How to make a great Table of Contents

Posted on 23 December 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

The table of contents is arguably one of the most important parts of your magazine. It’s where your readers can see all the things that are in the magazine and get a feel for your magazine’s theme.

Use these 6 tips for a table of contents that’s guaranteed to tie your entire magazine together and guide your readers through your magazine with ease.

1. Make the table of contents last

Leave two pages empty at the beginning of your magazine; this is where you’ll write the table of contents. Once you’ve finished your magazine you can add the magazine pages to the table of contents with some small previews.

If you start with the table of contents before your magazine is complete, chances are you’ll have to make some changes in the end. This is prevented by making the table of contents last.

2. Add thumbnails of images you’ve used

By adding some small images of the larger images you’ve used throughout your magazine you can give your readers a visual preview of what’s to come. Images are attention-grabbing and ensure the readers’ interest will be peaked.

It’s also a great way to show what the magazine is about.

3. Stick to the theme you’ve used throughout your magazine

Every magazine has a theme; birthday, wedding, anniversary, a colleague’s retirement, the list goes on. Each of these themes has images, colors and icons to go with it. The online editor has a lot of options for editing your pages. These images, colors and icons can be used in your table of contents as well.

Like the thumbnails, this helps readers understand what the magazine is all about. It creates one cohesive story that runs throughout the magazine and ties it all together.

4. Add page numbers

Adding page numbers to your table of contents makes it easy for your readers to find what they’re looking for in the magazine.

After adding thumbnails, icons and text, page numbers are needed so that the different parts you’ve highlighted in the table of contents can be found easily.

You can add page numbers by clicking on the settings button located under the cover in the online editor. On the settings page just check the 'add page numbers' option.

5. Use templates

Many templates of magazines are available in the online editor. This includes the table of contents for each of these templates, which means you can use these table of contents for your own magazine.

Simply add the template and them customize it with your own text and images. Or, use it as a starting point and edit any part of it you want!

6. Check out table of contents of your favorite magazines

Magazines are still alive and kicking. Go to any book store, supermarket or convenience store and you’ll see shelves of magazines lined up. These all have their own creative take on table of contents, which means they have inspiration for your own!

Get started on your table of contents