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How to invite friends

Posted on 02 March 2015 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Everything is more fun together. So it goes without saying that making a magazine is more fun together too! Inviting friends to your magazine is easy.

Here’s how:

In the online editor, simply click on ‘invite editor’.

A window opens allowing you to fill in a personal message, choose the invitation language (we have 3 available; English, Dutch and German), fill in your friends’ e-mail address and choose the page to assign them to. You can choose to send multiple invitations as well, by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

Then click ‘send invitation’ and you’re all set! Now an e-mail will be sent to your friend(s). Don't worry about explaining how Jilster works in your personal message, an explanation will be included in the e-mail invitation.

Keep track

A list will appear with who you’ve sent invitations to, invitations still pending and accepted invitations.

Your friend will receive the e-mail with the invitation and two links. One link is for existing members (no need to register) and the other is for new members (registration required).

Once registered and/or logged in, your friend will see a window where they can accept the invitation, and once they’ve accepted they will be entered into the online editing room and their assigned page(s).

Don’t want your friends to see all the pages?

You can change wether or not your friends see all the magazine pages or only those assigned to them in the magazine settings (button in online editor located below the cover). Simply check or uncheck the ‘Editors are allowed to view 'previews' of all the pages?’ option.

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