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Win a € 25,- Jilster gift card!

Posted on 02 July 2015 in the category News.

Jilster is 5 years old and we want to celebrate with you. Enter our '5 year celebration' contest for a chance to win a € 25,- Jilster gift card!


It's easy! Get as many people as you can to sign up for a free Jilster account and have them enter your e-mail to enter the contest. The more people enter your e-mail, the higher your chances are of winning! 

Not only do you win a € 25,- Jilster gift card, but so does one of the friends that entered your e-mail! Visit official contest page.

What can you do with a € 25,- Jilster gift card you ask? We'll tell you!

€ 25,- is about $ 28,- (don't hold us to that! see terms and conditions). Depending on how many pages your magazine has and what design you choose, the price can vary. If you win, you get € 25,- to spend on your own magazine!

Some ideas for your next magazine:

  • Wedding magazine
  • Birthday magazine
  • Recipe magazine
  • Travel magazine
  • Catalog
  • Menu magazine
  • Graduation project magazine
  • School project
  • Fashion magazine
  • Photography magazine
  • Portfolio magazine
  • Travel magazine
  • Vacation magazine
  • ...and so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Share the official contest page with your friends, family, classmates, colleagues and everyone you know and tell them to sign up for a free account and enter your e-mail. Who knows, you may be one of the lucky winners!

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