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New in the editor: illustrations for weddings and more

Posted on 07 July 2015 in the category News.

You're going to make a beautiful magazine, and we're going to help you! These are the new illustrations we've added to the editor.

The new illustrations are free and really easy to add to your magazine. In the editor, at images, just click on the 'theme' tab and then click-and-drag or double-click to add the illustrations you want to your page.

Most of these illustrations make a great addition to a wedding magazine, but they can be used for other magazines too! You can move, change and edit anything in the editor.

A few examples: Use the wedding themed illustrations in a birthday magazine, on a page that tells the story of their wedding. The men in suits can be used in a business themed magazine, and the music notes can be used for a music class project. Your options are endless!

We'll help you easily create a beautiful magazine for any occasion or project.

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