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New illustrations: Agricultural

Posted on 12 October 2015 in the category News.

There are new illustrations available in the editor! You can find them in the editor at ‘images’ under the tab ‘themes’, and they are all free to use in your magazine!

Making your own magazine is even easier if you use the free illustrations available in the editor. We add new illustrations regularly. Our graphic designers take requests for new illustrations too! So if you have an idea for an illustrations, feel free to contact us!

Where can I find the new illustrations?

The new illustrations are located in the editor under the ‘theme’ tab. Scroll through the themes until you get to ‘farming’.

What can I use the new illustrations for?

The new illustrations can be used for birthday, wedding, business, but also for special needs magazines.

You can make a special needs magazine for a family member. For example, if your family members lives or works on a farm, adding some farm illustrations is sure to put a smile on their face!

You can use them in birthday magazines too. Add a few farm illustrations to a magazine for someone who likes farms, or use them on ‘memory pages’ about a visit to a farm.

Kids can learn about farms with these illustrations too. Add them to a magazine meant for a child to teach them about what happens on farms and help them learn in new, creative ways.

A farm is a popular venue for weddings too. Recreate the experience with these illustrations by adding them to a wedding magazine and bring back all the memories of that special day.

They make a great addition to business magazines as well. As the owner of an agricultural company you can use these illustrations in yearly reports, company magazines or a magazine for a colleague that’s retiring soon.

Whatever the occasion, we help you easily make a beautifully professional magazine.

Get started on your magazine with these new illustrations