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New wedding anniversary magazine template

Posted on 12 May 2016 in the category News.

Use this new magazine template to make a beautiful wedding anniversary magazine. It’s a wedding gift they’ll never forget.

Are your grandparents, parents, siblings or friends celebrating a wedding anniversary soon? Why not use this new template to create an anniversary magazine just for them. It’s a gift guaranteed to make a lasting impression and put a smile on anyone's face.

This anniversary template features different page styles with a coherent theme throughout the magazine. The contents of each page will help inspire you to create a magazine that the recipients will love. A page dedicated to messages for every grand child for example, or a spread for the couple’s favorite hobby together, like hiking, or traveling.

You can see examples of some of the template pages below (click to enlarge).

jilster 50th anniversary wedding cover jilster 50th anniversary wedding cover love knows no bounds jilster 50th anniversary wedding cover grandkids

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Using this template in your magazine

1. Log in and go to your magazine overview.

2. Pick a magazine and then pick a page to edit.

3. Click on  and look for the new template in the list. Clicking on this will reveal all the pages in the template on the right.

4. Choose a page and add it to your magazine. Add your own text and images or edit any illustrations and elements already on the page to your liking.

Have fun using this new template!

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