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Content Tip: Quiz!

Posted on 08 January 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Everyone knows good magazines are the ones that keep you entertained. And it’s the recurring pages like quizzes, funny pages and horoscopes are what make a magazine popular. Today's tip: The Quiz!

 In this article we’d like to help you to create your own quiz. They’re irresistible to anyone reading a magazine. Everyone will attest to the fact that, no matter what the quiz is about, you can’t help but fill it in and find out what your results are. The best part about this is that you can create your very own quiz just the way you want, because it’s your magazine. How cool is that?

How to


Think of a theme. Depending on what your magazine is about and who it’s for the quiz can vary. Is it a personality quiz? A quiz for a couple to see how compatible they are or how well they know each other? Maybe you’re making a magazine for your family and this quiz will be about who knows your family history best. The options are endless.


Once you’ve thought of a theme, think of the end results. A quiz is fun because at the end you get to tally up your score and find out your score. According to the score you’ve got you then fall into a certain category. If you’ve got a family history quiz you could break down the results into three categories; family history master, family history expert and family history novice. This is just an example of course, you can think up any fun categories for your quiz! 

Write a short description to go along with each of the end result categories. Use imagination and make it fun for the readers! For example, if someone scored ‘family history novice’ recommend some ways for them to read up on your family history. We also recommend showing the results on a different page to heigten the excitement!


Now comes the best part; the questions. We recommend coming up with as many questions as possible and definitely ask your co-editors for help if you can! Then pick the best ones to use in your magazine.


Don’t forget to assign points to each question and/or each answer (if you’re doing a multiple choice quiz) and add these to the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to leave some space so your readers can tally up their score at the bottom. 

We hope we’ve helped inspire you for your very own quiz in your magazine. More tips and tricks are available here! Have fun!

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