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Summer Photo Ideas

Posted on 07 July 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Get inspired with this list of Summer Photo Ideas to add to your magazine! Have fun using our Summer Photo Ideas.

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Summer photo idea foodEveryone Loves Food

There’s a reason social media are full of images of food; everyone loves food! There is never a bad time to share food photos, especially not when it’s food from your vacation! Just pose those delicious foreign foods in some flattering light, find a good angle and snap away!

Sand on the Beach

You can get really creative with sand, like this group of wonderful people has shown us in the photo on the left of this article. Draw or write something in the sand and you’re guaranteed a fun summer photo to add to you magazine. If anything, it can be used as a great background for your beachy travel magazine.

Summer photo idea perspectivePerspective Shots 

A great way to give your summer photos that extra bit of fun is by using perspective. By taking a photo from a different angle or from a certain distance you can really make a summer photo that is magazine worthy. Get creative and try out different angles and make sure you get that magazine worthy shot! 

Sunsets and Sunrises

Summer photo idea sunset Ah, the sun setting and rising. There are always so many summer photos of these during vacations. Maybe it’s because when people are on vacation they finally have the time to appreciate the majestic beauty of the colors at sunset. Or they can finally get enough sleep to be able to wake up at sunrise. Maybe it’s just because you can never go wrong with a sunset or sunrise photo. Either way, it’s a wonderful addition to any magazine.

Summer photo idea shadowsShadows

Shadows allow for endless photography possibilities. Make silly shapes with your hands or with a friend, or pose in the shadow of a palm tree, like the lovely lady on the right so gracefully did.


Vacation is all about rest, relaxation and fun! So be sure to have fun when taking summer photos as well. Take some silly photos and make sure you get a good dose of laughter every day, because everyone knows: A smile a day keeps the doctor away.

Check out our Pinterest Photography Board for more inspiration for your magazine photos!

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