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How to edit text in the online editor

Posted on 26 January 2015 in the category Tips and inspiration .

A new year means a fresh new start for anything left unfinished. Use these text tips to get started or keep working on your magazine and before you know it, you’ll have your very own magazine in your hands.

The Basics

We’ll show you how to add text to a new, blank page, and before all you seasoned magazine makers stop paying attention, stick around, because we’ve got some basics but also some new tricks you can use to jazz up your magazine.

In the online-editor, double-click or drag the Aa button to get a text block on your page. You can move the text block by clicking and dragging the arrow cross in the middle of the block and resize it by clicking and dragging the blue squares

Click the text block (if it is not already selected) for a whole new set of options. These will appear on the right in the online editor.

Font, Size, Emphasis

These options will allow you to change the font (there are some professional fonts as well as playful ones, so play around with these for a while until you find one you like), change the text size, make it bold (this will not work with fonts that are already bold), italic and underlined.

If you need to be very precise you can resize the text box by adjusting the numbers in the width and height boxes, and you can move the text box by adjusting the numbers in the x and y boxes.

Color, Columns, Alignment 

You can also change the color, or use the color picker tool to choose a color already on the page.

If you have a lot of text, you can also choose add columns, which will automatically format your text into columns. We highly recommend this for professional or business magazines.

You can also change the text alignment. If you want your text to be positioned exactly in the middle of the page, you can click and hold the blue corners on either side of the text block and drag these all the way to the outer end of the page. Don’t worry about going too far, there’s a security line that will keep your text block inside the cut-off lines of the page.

Background, Border, Transparency

Checking the fill and border boxes adds either a background color to your text or a border around it. You can adjust the border thickness, as well as increase the transparency of your text.

Forward, Backward, Duplicate

If you want to place text in front of, or behind another object (text, image, symbol) you can do so by using the ‘move forward’ and ‘move backward’ buttons. You can also easily duplicate a text block, including all it’s formatting and it’s design by using the ‘duplicate’ button.

Have fun making your magazine and exploring all the things the online editor has to offer!

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