Co-create your own magazine together with others as a personal gift!

• A unique and personal present for a birthday, wedding, anniversary of farewell.

• You make your own magazine together with family members, friends or colleague’s.

• Have your magazine printed and delivered to your doorstep. That's possible starting from one copy.

That’s how Jilster works:

1. Register a free account

2. Enter your personal data (username and password) and think of a name for your magazine

3. Invite family members, friends or colleagues to fill a page in the magazine

4. Design the magazine anyway you want, with Jilster the design and layout possibilities are endless. 

5. Communicate with your co-editors in the shoutbox to get everything just right

6. Satisfied? Share your magazine online using Jilster's promotional page. It's free!

7. Order the desired amount of copies to print, and have your magazine delivered right to your doorstep!

Make a Magazine

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