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Pregnancy Journal

Posted on 09 October 2014 in the category News.

A pregnancy journal is a great way to document your experiences throughout pregnancy (and those precious first years) of your baby. It’s a DIY project that the whole family can enjoy!

Baby Shower

Get the ladies together online and make a DIY pregnancy journal as a gift for the mom to be! Everyone can work together in the online editing room and add some fun additions to the journal. There are many layout options to choose from, but you can also start from scratch. Every page can be personalized completely! You can create your own quizzes, stories, wishes for the baby, baby name suggestions, journal entry pages and so much more.


Mom to be can make her very own pregnancy journal too! Write down your experiences as your pregnancy progresses and document your expectations and memories as the due date gets closer. It’s a wonderful way to memorialize these special moments for yourself, but also for your child. In the future they can browse through your high quality pregnancy magazine and read all about your experiences before their birth!

Family Members

Have more family members join in! Everyone can work together in the online editing room. Invite dad, aunts, uncles, godmothers, godfathers, grandpa’s, grandma’s and friends! Each of them can be assigned one or more pages to fill with fun anecdotes, pictures, illustrations, wishes and their first meetings with the newborn. The magazine can then be printed in high quality and everyone gets a beautiful copy of the baby’s magazine!

Baby’s first years

We all know that after the baby is born everyone in the family goes a little photo crazy. Which is great news, because those photos can be added to the existing baby magazine and be expanded to include many more memories and experiences of baby’s first years. Just think what a wonderful gift that would be for grandpa’s and grandma’s. It’s also a great gift for the child when they’ve grown up. They have their very own magazine from the moment they were born!

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