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Using an online magazine editor for photography

Posted on 24 June 2015 in the category Customer stories.

Rie Neuchs is a Danish Photographer that uses Jilster to showcase her photography. “You were exactly what I was looking for. I made a test magazine at first and the quality was stunning.”

What is the magazine for?

“As a professional photographer, I need to have some top quality materials of some of my work. My thoughts with the magazine was to catch new potential clients' interest. In a world where everything is online it's more than nice to get a real piece in your hands, I think. A piece in top quality - which jilster successfully makes :-)

How do people react to the magazine?

“Very positive! Both new and old clients complimented the magazine - and yes - it already opened new doors :-) Also my friends and family like it.”

rie neuchs fotograf bioTips for other users?

“Take your time when you are doing creative work... Sometimes new things and ideas will come up when you take your time in a creative process. At first I thought my magazine would be 10 pages.. It ended up being 32 and with much more stuff than what I was originally thinking.

Will I continue using Jilster in the future ?

“Yes I will. It's easy to work with jilster, you have your magazine online - best of all - the quality is fantastic! The staff at jilster is also very helpful if you have any questions"

Be sure to visit Photographer Rie Neuchs' website at, and take a look at her magazine below.

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