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Summer Camp Idea

Posted on 12 August 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Summer camp is often a time of many lifechanging experiences and best friends forever. Save and share those memories the best way you can; by making a magazine together.

Making Memories

Campers can make a magazine together at the end of camp. They can collaborate, share photos, write texts together and make sure the most important highlights from that summer are saved in the magazine. Then, once the magazine is completed the magazine can be ordered and delivered so they can get a bit of summer camp delivered at home! 

jilster-camp-idea-friendsBest Friends Forever

Summer camp is often an unforgettable time in a child’s life. Best friends are made and said goodbye to, new experiences are had, lessons learned and memories are made. It’s hard to say goodbye to a best friend made over the summer (especially if there’s a promise of forever), and with a summer camp magazine, it’s a little bit easier. The magazine is a tangible memory they can remember each other by.

jilster-camp-idea-campfireLifelong Keepsake

Once back from camp, the campers will receive a magazine containing all the photos, writings and memories of their entire stay as well as of their friends. This magazine will not only help them remember the good times they’ve spent with friends at summer camp, but years from now, it will be a keepsake from years ago that will enable them to reopen a whole chapter from their past they’d otherwise have forgotten.

Summer Camp Activities

Counselors can use Jilster’s online editor to put together a Summer Camp guide, which contains all the information that campers need during their stay. They could add schedules of activities, fun facts, daily menus, chores and in case of emergency information so campers always know what is happening and where.

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