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Why you should give the gift of a time capsule magazine

Posted on 17 October 2016 in the category News.

The other day we came across the story of a teen who received an incredible gift on her birthday: a time capsule.

Inside the time capsule were notes from loved ones written almost 20 years ago. Among them were letters from loved ones who had since passed away. It’s no wonder the teen had such an emotional reaction to her birthday gift.

The idea came to her parents when they were thinking about what birthday gift they wanted to give her for her 1st birthday. Instead of asking for physical gifts, they invited loved ones to bring notes, letters, photos and other mementos to put inside a time capsule. And that’s what they did. Almost 2 decades later, this teen has received the gift of a lifetime. (

Time capsule magazine?

So, if you’re looking for a birthday gift idea, why not make a time capsule? Not just any time capsule however, a time capsule magazine! Just like in the story above, you can compile notes and photos and then easily add them to a magazine, digitally.

You could also invite loved ones to each fill a page (or more) in the magazine. When you feel the magazine is complete, have it printed in beautiful high quality and seal it in a box. Years from now, when it’s opened, this magazine is sure to get an emotional reaction.

Time capsule magazine birthday gift idea Jilster template

More than a time capsule

A birthday gift magazine doesn’t have to be a time capsule though. Having to wait 20 years to see the reaction of your loved one to the gift can be frustrating. A magazine is a great gift anytime you receive it.

Instead of having to wait, you can give the gift right away and expect the same heartfelt reaction. A magazine filled with notes, letters, photos and other mementos from loved ones that is received today can be just as touching as a time capsule from 2 decades ago. It shows you’re willing to make an effort, and that, as a group of people (family and friends), you all came together to make something special for the person celebrating their birthday.

Magazine ideas for the best birthday gift

  • Love notes from loved ones
  • Scanned handwritten letters
  • Old and new photos (before and after)
  • A ‘Did you know?’ page with anecdotes
  • A timeline of their life: from baby to grown-up
  • Tips for their hobby (travel location tips, photography tips etc.)
  • A page dedicated to their favorite things
  • Interview with the parents, siblings
  • A quiz: “How well do you know yourself?”
  • A personalized crossword puzzle

Add the birthday magazine template to a magazine

To help you make this heartfelt birthday gift, we regularly update Jilster with pre-made templates. Most recently we’ve added a birthday template. Add a template to your page and then edit the elements on the page to personalize it. Upload your own photos and copy and paste text from other word processors, or write right into a text box. Re-arrange the formatting to your liking and add some clip-art from the collection in the editor.

More on templates.

time capsule birthday gift idea magazine template example 1 time capsule birthday gift idea magazine template example 2 time capsule birthday gift idea magazine template example 3 time capsule birthday gift idea magazine template example 4

Invite friends and family:

jilster time capsule birthday magazine working together quote henry ford

If you need any help, feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.

Happy magazine making!

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