Going on vacation? Whatever memorable getaways you’re planning, make sure you’ll never forget; Create you own Jilster magazine to remember it by.

Get started before you leave: Register on our website for a free account and invite family members and friends that are travelling with you to help create an everlasting summer vacation magazine. In the online editing room you can design the layout and pages in advance. As soon as those first glorious photographs of your adventures are caught on film you and your co-editors can upload them and add them to your magazine.

Fill the pages with photos, ticket stubs, flight tickets, comments, jokes, interesting insights, food you enjoyed, how you felt and anything else you want to remember from your summer vacation. Once you’re done with your Jilster magazine you can have it printed in beautiful professional quality and sent to yourself, family and friends. Make it a vacation you’ll never forget, with Jilster.

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