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Wedding invitation magazine

Posted on 26 February 2015 in the category News.

On your wedding day, you customize everything from your dress, to the decor, to the food and the theme, so why not customize your invitation and personalize it with your very own love story?

So, where do you start? A wedding invitation is just one page, how are you going to fill an entire magazine? Well, our magazines start at just 8 pages, including the cover and the back, and we also have some great tips for what to put in your wedding invitation magazine.

1. His and Hers Stories

Write about your childhood and your families.

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The first pages of your wedding invitation magazine can be dedicated to the backstories of the bride and groom. Before a wedding was ever in the making, you both had years and experiences, all leading up to the big day.

Write about those years. Start with the story of your birth; date, place, circumstances (we bet your parents have a ton of anecdotes you could use).

Next, write about your hometown(s); where did you grow up and go to school, make your first friends, take your first fall? Add memories that have stuck by you and lessons you’ve learned over the years. You can write about your years in high school and college as well.

Lastly, write about your families, because not only are you marrying into them, but your marriage will tie both your families together. It’s only fair they know a bit about each other. Describe your parents and their traits, especially if you happen to share those traits. Add a few anecdotes; like special memories you have with them. If you have any siblings or cousins (or any other family member) you’re close to, you can add those as well.

2. Love Story

Write about how you met each other and how you fell in love.

Once all your guests have been acquainted with you and your family, the next part in the story is how the bride and groom met, your wedding invitation magazine features your story, after all.

You may have met each other at work, walking your dogs or during a night out, whatever the story, we guarantee your family will love to know how this blossoming relationship started.

Was it love at first sight or slow and steady? And once you both knew the other was ‘the one’, how was the proposal made? Did he get down on one knee or did she?

3. Adventures Together

Write about things you do (or did) together.

The story of how two people come together and fall in love is great, but you don’t want it to end there, and neither do your guests. In these pages of your wedding invitation magazine, write about your adventures together. Share some stories you still remember together; funny ones or important ones, or your favorite getaway. Perhaps you two got a pet or share a hobby, these are great things to write about in your magazine.

4. What the future holds

Write about your plans for the future.

Once the wedding is over, your life together truly begins. Write about what your plans are for your future. This can be about the near future, like where you’re going on your honeymoon, but it can also be about the faraway future, like whether or not you’re planning on having kids. It’s up to you how much you share. A safe bet is writing about where you’ll be living together.

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