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Wedding traditions from around the world

Posted on 04 February 2014 in the category News.

As you know, we deliver magazines worldwide! And since many of our members are creating wedding magazines, this got us thinking about all the different ways weddings are celebrated worldwide.

We started talking about how weddings are celebrated in the international Jilster team's own cultures; Katia shared some German traditions, Anja and Margreet shared some Dutch traditions and Pamela shared some traditions from the United States of America. We had fun sharing with each other, that we decided we should share with our members as well!

Weddings in the United States of America

Weddings in the United States are often grand affairs. An American couple will go all out to show as many people as they know how happy they are that they will be ‘tying the knot’.

One great way they start off with, is with the wedding invitations. These are usually beautifully made cards with elegant designs that match the theme of the wedding. This type of invitation is still used often, however, the invitations are becoming more creative and innovative as time passes. Many invitations today, for example, are completely digital. You get an e-mail with a link to a website or page that contains the wedding invitation. This is a great way for the couple to personalize their invitation even further and include some more information about their union.

Of course, another very original way to invite your guests is by invitation magazine. ;)

Weddings in Germany

In Germany, the bride’s family have a very practical approach to weddings. And by practical, we mean they raise money for the new couple!

Indeed, families and friends raise money for the happy couple by compiling photos, articles and stories into a newspaper that is sold at the wedding. The money that is raised by selling these newspapers will ultimately be used to pay for their honeymoon! This is such a wonderful and creative idea, and not to mention sensible! Starting a life together is fun, but it can be expensive too and every little bit helps.

Many of our German members use our online editor just for this purpose. Together with friends and family they make a wedding magazine for the couple and then sell it at the wedding!

Weddings in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a very sentimental approach. Usually, each family member and friend brings one A4 paper with something for the bride and groom on it to the wedding. This can be anything from an image, to a text or a recipe.

Then, all the individual items get compiled into one big package as a gift for the bride and groom. This way everyone gets to contribute something personal that the couple can cherish for a very long time.

It’s not very surprising then, that many of our Dutch members use Jilster to make this package before the wedding. It’s an easy way for familiy members and friends to work together and create a magazine full of personal stories, photos and other fun items for the bride and groom.

Another tradition the Dutch have, is signing a guestbook. That way, the couple will know who attended their wedding. It’s another great way Jilster can be used for weddings, by creating a personalized guest book with a few blank pages for the signatures of the attendees.

We loved talking about all these differences from cultures all over the world, and hope you enjoyed reading about them. Got any traditions you’d like to share with us? Send us an e-mail! Or, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, your story might get featured on our website.

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