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Why Jilster is the Perfect Educational Tool

Posted on 12 August 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

For young and old, making a magazine in our online editor provides many valuable lessons both in collaborative skills and online skills.

Online Collaboration

It has become incredibly important today for kids to learn all about computers and online tools early on. No longer a good extra skill, it’s become a necessity to have some technological knowledge in order to advance a career.

With Jilster, kids get exactly that. This educational tool helps them practice their skills online by chatting with their peers in the (invitation only) online editor. Working together online, early on, means they get used to online collaboration, which is becoming the norm in today’s digital age.

Creativity Outlet

Jilster’s online editor also gives them the freedom to create, design and format the magazine’s pages any way they like. It's an educational tool with many templates, symbols and ready made background and spread pages to choose from, so their imaginations can run wild. They are also free to upload their own images.

Writing skills are also practiced. Often a skill that many people lack, it is important nontheless. It is a magazine after all, and with many tips and advice on how to write interviews or columns, editing your own page in a magazine is a breeze. 

Working Together

Making a magazine requires team effort. Together, kids get to edit one or more pages with this educational tool and together they create a whole magazine. They learn the value of teamwork and collaboration and learn to coordinate their skills together with others.

The Bigger Picture

In order for the finished magazine to look good, it’s important to have a good birds eye view of the project and make sure everyone is working in a coordinater manner. Kids learn to see patterns in design and writing style and will adapt their own work in order for the all the pages to create one cohesive magazine.

Of course some guidance from teachers never hurts, but if you’re looking for an educational tool that can help kids grow creatively, further their online behaviour skills and writing skills and learn about teamwork online and offline, then look no further.

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