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Working together: communication tips

Posted on 16 April 2015 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Jilster is the easiest way to make your own magazine. The online editing room is easy to use and allows you to invite other editors so you can work on your magazine together.

Guide: Working together to create a magazine

This is the second installment of a three part guide about working together to create your magazine. Learn more about working together by clicking on the links to part 1 and 3 below.

Part 1. Working together: What to expect
Part 3. Working together: Reporting progress

This guide will help you organize and manage the communcation of your editing team. It contains helpful tips and steps you can use to bring out the best in your editing team and make an awesome magazine together!

Working together part 2: Communication tips

Once you’ve invited your editors and assigned pages to them, we recommend you take these steps to allow the creation of your magazine to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. These steps also make for a more cohesive magazine design as well as lessen the workload of the chief-editor(s) at the end.

1. Use the shoutbox

The shoutbox is a chat box that’s located in the editing room at the very bottom. Pressing the button ‘post a response’ opens the shoutbox. It then slides up and you can post a comment. You can also choose to send the message you add to the shoutbx to the e-mail adresses of all your editors. That way you can be sure they will read your message.

Tip: For effective communication, start by stating what your comment is about. That way your editors know right away what information the message contains.

The shoutbox is a great (and easy!) way to communicate with your editors, and for your editors to communicate with you and with each other. It’s a central place in the online editor that everyone working on the magazine can use.

2. Ground rules for other methods of communication

There are also other ways you can communicate with your editors, like over the phone, face-to-face, via e-mail or via videocalls. What methods you and your editors want to use is of course up to you, but we do have some tips that may help!

Tip: Agree on a method of communication that everyone will use. This will prevent conversations or important decisions being made by some editors and missed by others.

Tip: Whenever there are communications that are important to everyone, make a note of the most important highlights and share them in the shoutbox. This way the most important information is always in a relevant place that all the editors can access it easily.

3. Help with examples

Examples are always useful when making a magazine. We have templates in the editor, but you can also make your own templates.

Read more about getting started as chief editor.

We hope you find these steps helpful when starting your own magazine with you own team of editors.

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